I am an Italian skipper, chief, and steward in one. If you have ever experienced the wish to leave everything behind you and start a new full of adventures life you’ve just met your soul mate. I’ve been involved in business just like you for the most of my life, suddenly about 10 years ago I decided to give it up and settle myself on sailing boat. I’ve discovered the yachting world of French sailing model ‘Amel’ and since than I couldn’t choose any different boat but this unique one. I’ve been sailing all over the world experiencing different style of life, exploring the most incredible cultures and meeting the most amazing people while visiting undiscovered places.  If you would like to taste the same freshness of freedom please pop up for a weekend/week/month or even the entire life if you wish and your moody attitude will make transition into the most peaceful and stressless life. Be aware that once you touched this unforgettable style of life you will never become the same as you were before you arrived on board. I wish you good luck with your choices. Whatever you decide it will be right. You know where find me.

I would describe myself as a life engine which once started can not slow down. I love new challenges  and risks. In the middle of my business career I am also and especially a contemporary dancer and pretty creative person who makes her own life as she desires and gives the same opportunity to the people who wants to take part of it. I forgot to mention that I am also a traveller who does not use the common way of transport such as car or plain. In 2003 I’ve started my sailing boat adventure by crossing Atlantic. This two years journey around the Caribbean has changed my life. Now I am here to give you the same opportunity to discover the most amazing angles of this entire world. I am here to make sure that your sailing adventure will be the best gift of your life. I will take care of your sailing choices form the land, while my business partner – Roby will do it from the boat. Please feel free to ask me any questions you wish. I can only promise one thing that you will never regret any decision you make. But make sure that you are aiming for what you really love.


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