Hi! I am a beautiful with wavy shape

If you have ever experienced the proper taste of dream life then you are already on board. If you don’t know what it is like to breath the pure life then you need to give me a chance to challenge you on my board. I am a 16 meters luxury sailing yacht form French Canteen ‘Amel’ model: Super Maramu 2000. I’ve got two huge cabins, which can fit 6 guests.

There is a comfortable saloon, very well equipped kitchen and 2 shower bathrooms. I give you the maximum security even if you get stacked in the middle of the biggest storm. I will offer you a calm sleep in the night and during the day my fully extended sails will take you to the most fascinating and undiscovered places. You can do everything you wish on board of me and I guaranty you the best experience in your life.

Enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Main specifications of Amel 53 Super Maramu 2000

Manufacture year                                                                              2003

Double bedrooms cabins                                                                           2


Single beds                                                                                                2

Bathrooms                                                                                                2

L.O.A                                                                                                   16m                                                                                                 

L.W.L.                                                                                           12, 60 m  

Beam                                                                                                4, 60 m

Draft                                                                                                2, 05 m

Bridge clearance                                                                                   20 m

Displacement, loaded                                                                            16 T

Total weight, empty                                                                             14 T

Ballast                                                                                                 5,5 T

Diesel engine                                                                                   100 HP

Fuel capacity                                                                                       600 l

Fresh water                                                                                       1000 l   


Main sail                                                                                        35 sq. m

Mizzen sail                                                                                    19 sq. m

Jib                                                                                                  71 sq. m

Mizzen ballooner                                                                           35 sq. m

Ballooner                                                                                        68 sq. m


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